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Policies & Procedures


We encourage clients to undress to their comfort level. We prefer that the client be fully undressed if we are to work in areas such as your gluts (buttock muscles), hamstrings or quads. We medically drape the sheet to protect your privacy. By being fully undressed you allow the therapist to work freely while still maintaining appropriate therapist/client boundaries.

Network Massage:

When we massage couples, or two friends/relatives, (mother and daughter, for instance), we work on both people with two therapists, all together in one room. This allows the collective energy to work together and increase exponentially. I was introduced to this concept with Network Chiropractic in Minneapolis in 1978, and held onto the idea until I was able to put it into practice with my own therapy. I sincerely believe this creates a powerful healing energy, and have witnessed it serve my clients throughout my 27+ years doing therapy.

24-hour Cancellations Policy:

Hilton Head Massage Therapy aims to provide our clients the highest quality service. When you reserve time with us, we always guarantee your appointment and the full service length. If you cancel within less than 24 hours of your scheduled appointment, we not only loose your business, but also the potential business of other clients who could have taken your scheduled appointment time. Please be considerate and cancel in a timely fashion.

In the event you do not cancel within 24 hours, then you are liable for the full amount of the service that was booked. The credit card that was used to reserve your service will be charged for the full amount. The only exceptions to this policy are personal and medical emergencies.

Payment Method:

We accept Visa, Master Card and Discovery. Sorry, we do not American Express at this time. Checks and Cash are accepted.


Gratuities are greatly appreciated, and can be paid in cash or by check.

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